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The Process

Your Home In Five Easy Steps


Find Land

Where do you want to put the house? Do you own land, plan to buy or live in a home park? This part is up to you; find your favorite spot, the place you want to live. Our site manager will visit to ensure your land will work with the home you choose. 

Also think about: If you need a foundation, crawlspace or piers. You can let us take care of these for you or use your own contractor.

Pick Your House

Browse the homes on the website or walk through the display homes featured on our lot. Meet with our talented sales staff to learn about how you can personalize your home from the type of flooring to the appliances and the colors of the walls. 



Secure Financing and Place Your Order

Your home can be cash financed through your own bank or you can talk to our finance specialist. After your sales representative walks you through the order process your home will be on its way and your responsibilities are over, we'll take it from here.

We Deliver and Setup Your Home

Home deliveries vary but are typically 4 to 6 weeks. We take care of delivery, setup and finishing your home and any add ons like garage, basement or storage barns. 


Also think about: Utilities (Water, electric, sewer). Let us take care of these for you or use your own contractor.


Move-In Day

Congratulations your new home is ready for you to move in. Live at ease knowing if anything comes up we've been backing up each sale by servicing our homes for over 30 years.

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